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      Transversal Competences as a Medium of Teaching. The Case of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship



      Transversal competences are included in some curricula as an independent subject, however they can be a way to enhance learning in specific subjects, which also helps students to develop their new competences. Activities associated to the transversal competences have to be incorporated into the curricula, and should help the student in the learning process. It is necessary to establish the relationship between the activity to be developed and the learning outcome to be achieved. This paper proposes a method to help the lecturers to select the best learning activity using transversal competences as a medium of instruction. The proposal has been applied to the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship competence.

        Boza A., Fernández-Diego M., Ruiz L., Gordo ML., Alemany MME, Alarcón F., Cuenca L. (2017) Transversal Competences as a Medium of Teaching. The Case of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In: Kavoura A., Sakas D., Tomaras P. (eds) Strategic Innovative Marketing. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. Springer, Cham


      Measuring competencies in higher education”. Sustainable Learning in Higher Education



      Within the context of permanent change, innovation has become a vital value for the survival and development of the organisations. The development of this increasingly important value will help students to gain access to the labour market and to adapt to their future jobs in accordance with these characteristics. Competency describes what training participants should be able to do at the end of such training. Competency is acquired through the various learning objectives to be achieved. Innovation competency is closely related to Self-assessment and the learning methods, Ability to work in interactive communication situations, Ability to create and maintain connections work, Ability to cooperate in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment and Ability to communicate and interact in an international environment, etc. In this chapter, we develop a method for measuring the innovation competencies in higher education by introducing different levels of mastery.

        Cuenca, L., Fernández-Diego, M., Gordo, M., Ruiz, L., Alemany, M. M. E., & Ortiz, A. (2015). Measuring Competencies in Higher Education. The Case of Innovation Competence. In M. Peris-Ortiz & J. M. M. Lindahl (Eds.), Sustainable Learning in Higher Education (pp. 131–142). Springer International Publishing